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2010-09-28 08:16:50 by battay

animating for animation club is fun.

Pumping out more Animations!

2010-04-22 01:22:40 by battay

Hey ng,
I was happy to see 'Tom scene 5' get daily 3rd and frontpaged. I'm well excited to make heaps more animations for newgrounds.

I'm currently working on a animation with ng user 'omegared' .. which I started before the 'Tom' project. It's nearly finished and should be on newgrounds soon.

I'v got a few more ideas lined up.. so I'v got my work cut out for me. Expect more animations.

New animation featuring a sexually frustrated teenage boy.

2010-04-18 05:20:55 by battay

My brother and I just finished a project we both worked on. It was featured in a theatre play called 'Tom' for the finale.

Watch it now.

New animation featuring a sexually frustrated teenage boy.

I animate for you

2010-03-11 22:37:13 by battay

Hey newgrounds,

I am looking for some work as an animator. If anyone is interested using me as an animator to visualise your story/idea, I am willing to work for no fee at all.

Drop me a PM if interested.

ART PORTAL! scout me?

2009-06-19 02:48:22 by battay

I'm not forcing you to scout me, but check out my art. You may like it if you enjoy pokemon, colours and randomness...

heres a sample

ART PORTAL! scout me?

Online Identity

2009-06-16 07:57:03 by battay

Just finished a new animation about your online identity.... with trippy visuals... kind of.


Online Identity

my user image.

2008-09-06 22:04:31 by battay

is what i wish to be like. having rainbow powers.

maybe i should just take some LSD.